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A change of pace...and topic - and job!

June 8, 2008 07:38 by Spencer

Around the third week in April (I realize that it's June), I gave a presentation on infrastructure architecture to the IASA.  I hadn't given a "public" presentation since doing a guest lecture at Baylor a few years ago.  Anyway, this was the opening slide:

Yes, that's me checking out some pipe bends done by the electricians during a data center build-out.  I thought it was funny.  After that, a whirlwind of things occured including a benign tumor, a multi-million dollar disaster recovery implementation, and some other developments.  This would explain the blog not being updated.  The good news is that everyone is okay and that I hope to add some more posts very soon!  And that XNA 3.0 Beta 1 and WorldWide Telescope (see below) are both available for download!  I will be turning the attention of this blog toward more infrastructure-type topics in the future.  Stay tuned!

Updated 7/30/2008 -  

I put my 2 weeks notice in with my employer today, another reason why nothing has been updated.  Working on getting that fixed soon!


Waiting patiently for 2 new things from Microsoft

March 26, 2008 10:42 by Spencer


Worldwide Telescope

XNA 3.0 for Zune


Windows Server 2008 - Hyper-V Beta causing networking problems

February 17, 2008 14:44 by Spencer

So I downloaded the MSDN RTM of Server 2008 a couple of days back and loaded it up on a nice new HP DL360 G5 that has the built-in Intel virtualization technology.  After installing Server 2008 Enterprise on it (the install is WAY less involved than 2003), I hooked it up to a SAN, added a LUN and added the Hyper-V server "role" to it.  The Hyper-V manager looks about like it did before when Win2K8 was still RC0.  I'm not the biggest fan of the interface and menus (possibly using VMWare ESX has me a little biased), but that could change with the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).

So here's my disclaimer:  I didn't use the "recommended" configuration, i.e. 2 network connections to set up Hyper-V, I used one.  I'll test it later with 2 network connections, but for right now I want to use one because it simulates how I would use Hyper-V in a real world scenario.  Most machines in a production environment have 2 NICs that are teamed in one way or another (usually for failover purposes).  That leaves me with one connection aside from adding another NIC card to the server.  That being said, read on. 

So I joined the server - we'll call it Longhorn3 for reference's sake - to a domain.  I saw that IPv6 was enabled on the NIC, but I turned it off as I'm not running IPv6 on the network.  I gave the network connection a static IP and everything worked great.  I was able to browse network shares, hit the Internet, hit intranet sites, etc.  After this I built a VM, Win2k3 standard using an ISO I copied over from my computer at my desk (BTW copying between Vista and Server 2008 was like lightning).  After installing Server 2003 in a VM I needed to update it.  I tried copying the SP2 package via drag-and-drop but no dice.  I figured I needed to install the "Integration Services" or as I like to call it, Microsoft's VMWare Tools.  Tried that and come to find out you need SP2 installed.  So now I was in a bind, no tools = no copy from host machine, no SP2 = no tools.  Time to get connected to the network.

I went to the Virtual Network Manager to add a network.  I added an external network called "Network 1".  I attached it to the NIC that had connectivity.  Now I was able to go to WindowsUpdate and get service pack 2.  I thought that there was a problem accessing network shares from the VM, but that turned out to be a FQDN issue as the VM was not on the domain yet.  While I was downloading updates from WindowsUpdate, I wanted to grab some other files from my computer at my desk and put them on the desktop of the host server running 2008.  That's where I ran into problems.  I couldn't seem to browse network shares after adding the virtual network to the host 2008 machine.  I started to diagnose this after the updates had completed. 

I first went to manage network connections to look at the NIC and the properties.  That's when I encountered this screen:

It seems that the Client for Microsoft Networks gets disabled as part of the external network creation by Hyper-V.  This explains my network shares access issue.  Try to enable it (checking the box....something I haven't had to do, aside from MSCS creation, since Novell + Win95 interoperability issues) and then you get the following screen:

To which I say, "I'm not disabling it, YOU disabled it! I want to ENable it!."  Something doesn't seem to be right with networking and Hyper-V as far as all of the services that are enabled or disabled due to the creation of a virtual network.  Some other observations on this phenomenon:

1.  Even when I can't browse network shares from the host, the VM can.

2.  When the virtual network is removed, all of the necessary changes are made to the NIC to get it working normally again.

3.  I have no problem pinging, accessing web sites, or authentication issues when the virtual network is enabled/created.  Just accessing shares.

More on this when I test using the recommended method of 2 NICs (one for management, one for VM's).

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